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We Are Top-Rated Crown Dentists & Have Placed 100's of Crowns Successfully

Benefits of Our Crowns:

   ✅ High Strength

   ✅ Beautiful & Tooth Colored

   ✅ Improve Your Chewing

   ✅ Replace Old, Dark Fillings

   ✅ Strengthen Cracked Teeth

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Crowns are commonly placed on teeth to restore function and aesthetics. Modern materials have improved allowing us to utilize very conservative, minimally-invasive techniques. The end result is a longer lasting, more natural-looking crown. 

Dr. Majdalani has repaired 100's of damaged teeth successfully by placing crowns. We're experts in repairing broken, discolored, or damaged teeth. We use crowns to repair cracked or broken teeth, replace large silver fillings, and for cosmetic improvements if desired. We focus on YOU as we customize your smile. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by utilizing the latest materials & techniques. We believe this will make you smile! 

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