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Special Care Dentistry Provider

Serving Adults & Children w/ Special Health Care Needs​:

   ✅ Patient Focused

   ✅ In-Office Sedation Options

   ✅ Fully Asleep Dentistry

   ✅ Help with Waiver Lists

   ✅ Complete Dental Care

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For Parents, Guardians & Caregivers:

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible. We are versatile to match the needs of your child or dependent. We understand that parents & guardians may have additional questions and wish to be present at the anesthesia appointment. We accommodate this and look forward to caring for your loved one. Please contact us with any specific questions. Please feel comfortable to reach out to discuss your individual situation.

Did You Know?

Our team has successfully seen an extensive number of individuals with special needs while fostering positive experiences of in-office anesthesia for these individuals and enabling them to have their dental and oral healthcare needs met. While many anesthesia teams or providers may be unable or reluctant to see individuals with disabilities in an in-office setting, we do all we can to provide an environment of safety, dependability, and predictability. We strive to eliminate question marks by involving, when needed, patient's primary care doctors as well as any specialists to ensure a safe and predictable in-office experience at every visit. We continue to see a broad range of patients of all sizes and disabilities, eliminating the complexity of the hospital setting and associated additional fees. 

Immediate Consultations Available

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