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We are Top-Rated Sedation Providers

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry​:

   ✅ Reduce Dental Anxiety

   ✅ More Comfortable Visits

   ✅ Feel Relaxed During Treatment

   ✅ Fully Asleep Option Available

   ✅ Oral Sedation Option Available

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Sedation Dentistry is an excellent option to reduce dental anxiety and to have a more comfortable experience at the dentist. Modern sedation dentistry allows us to provide our patients with comfortable dental visits. Imagine relaxing, and even sometimes sleeping through your dental appointment! 

Dr. Majdalani and our team provides safe sedation dentistry for our patients. We use the most modern and safe methods for sedation. We focus on YOU as we work to ensure maximum comfort during your visit. There are many options, so please come by and discuss with us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing a comfortable, enjoyable sedation dental visit. We believe this will make you smile!

Immediate Consultations Available

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